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Are you feeling stressed about a conversation you need to have?

You come home at night regretting having spent another day avoiding your business partner. The glaring issue between you two remains unresolved for yet another day with no end in sight.

You wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread. You're meeting with a today and you can already tell it's not going to go well.

You hesitate for a second before opening the door to your apartment. Inside you find your partner waiting to tell you about how you've been spending too much time at the office.

If this is you, then it’s time for you to take Tough Talks Made Easy

You'll understand exactly why:

  • You feel stuck around making a choice about the best way to approach the situation with this person
  • You're unsure how to start the conversation without setting them off
  • You avoid this tough talk at your own detriment, dreaming of the day you feel confident enough to have it
  • You complain about this person to your friends, but you never take their suggestions to approach this person differently
  • You snap at this person, causing more drama and making the situation worse

You’ll have a customized roadmap and detailed action plan for exactly how to have this conversation with confidence and ease.

All in under an hour.

By the end of the session you will know:

  • How to start the conversation so that they don’t get defensive and shut down
  • How to make sure you have enough time to say everything you want to say before the conversation ends
  • How to say what you REALLY want to say without having them be triggered
  • How to handle their objections, regardless of what they say
  • How to make sure to get your points across so that they ACTUALLY get where you’re coming from
  • How to steer the conversation in a way that stays on track
  • How to come to an agreement that works for BOTH of you

How it works:

  • Fill out a short, 20-minute form
  • Hop on the phone for a 45-minute personal coaching session with Jonathan
  • Leave with clear and simple, step-by-step talking points to have the conversation go the way you want it to go
  • A recording of the call will be sent to you so that you keep your learnings
  • Experience way more confidence and peace of mind heading into your next tough talk

Here's the Bottom Line:

This is the first step to becoming a masterful communicator so that you can ultimately find way more peace and ease, not just in one relationship, but all over your life! 

You won’t have peace of mind until you tackle this first tough conversation… so what are you waiting for?

The investment is $95. The results of more peace in your life - can be priceless.

"Jonathan is skilled and can produce results quickly. In one hour he gave me a new perspective and skills that can be used in many conversations. I now have a strategy to approach the conversation and navigate it in a way that feels manageable. I feel confident in my ability to direct the conversation and it no longer feels overwhelming."

Kimberly K.
Life Coach

"He coached me on how to present the information in a way that would be less likely to provoke a defensive reaction to facilitate positive communication and better accomplish the changes I was seeking to make. This type of communication coaching is so valuable and I wish everyone— parents, spouses, employees, employers — had access to a resource like Jonathan."

Ashley J.

"Talking with Jonathan was like lifting a weighted load off my shoulders. He is very perceptive and bright, able to quickly grasp the situation you are facing and it's complexities. As a result, his advice and recommendations are incredibly applicable. Jonathan is also very good at focusing on the key insights he wants you to leave with. As a result, it doesn't matter if you have 30 minutes with him, or 3 hours, time with Jonathan leaves you equipped with the tools you need to communicate effectively and, more importantly, thoughtfully."

Liz C.
Business Analyst

"I wasn't sure how to talk to my boss about resigning. After the conversation I felt a lot more calm and confident about approaching this subject. To all those who are still deciding: Go for it! You'll come out on the other side with a lot more clarity and you'll feel confident you can ace whatever conversation you're dreading right now!"

Alex K.
Life Coach

Your Mindful Communication experience starts immediately upon your purchase of the assessment. After your registration is complete, you'll be sent an email receipt. Then, your assessment instructions on getting started will be sent to the same email you provided during registration.

I look forward to partnering with you to make your tough talk easy and pain-free.


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