Mindful Communication Podcast

A conversation about the art & science of connection

About the podcast

Jonathan Miller, Founder of Mindful Communication, interviews thinkers and influencers in an attempt to explore the human condition and how we relate to one another and ourselves.

In an increasingly polarized world, our ability to connect with one another has never been more important. Despite the need for it, disconnection is increasing, conflicts persist and few know how to approach tough conversations in an effective manner.

If things continue this way, there will be more polarization and more disconnection. We will continue to lack the skills to have difficult conversations, and we expect the majority of us to settle and "cope with" our most troubling relationships and issues.

With this podcast, we will see a shift regarding the importance of communication. With that, we will see deeper relationships all around us and, ultimately, a stronger and more resilient society.

Our words have the power to shape our reality and impact others in profound ways. They also act as a window to our minds and directly influence how we experience the world. Exploring topics of communication, mindfulness, self-awareness, mindset, coaching, emotional intelligence, nonviolence, and more, we’ll uncover what works (and what doesn’t work) to help you live a more connected, empowered and fulfilling life.


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