Anything can be accomplished in communication with others

Learn how to use your language to shape your world

I help people use communication as a tool to build more self-awareness and lead a richer, more satisfying  and connected life.

Hone your communication skills to handle any issues in life


Express your appreciation more openly
Become comfortable with expressing emotions
Confidently say "no" without worry of repercussions
Feel ready to talk to your partner about money, sex, health... anything!


Speak and present more confidently
Persuade and influence easily
Listen deeply for hidden messages
Communicate more authentically
Be a bold and effective leader

Self image

Tame your inner critic
Increase your level of self-awareness
Feel more self-expressed and free
Increase self-appreciation

How it works

In our initial session, we'll discover what goals you have and define what success looks like. Each week, we'll take a look at a different area and focus on developing you to maximize your potential in that area.

A typical session might look like:

  • Outline goal(s) of the session
  • Explore specific situation
  • Learning & theory
  • Practice (with activities, exercises and role-plays)
  • Reflection & debrief
  • Action planning (determine next steps)
  • Homework

A message from Jonathan

Communication is THE most important skill in life. Without it, we can't do very much!

I am committed to empowering people to make the most out of their life with amazing communication skills.

I don't work with everyone... only those who I think will jive well with me. Is that you? Book a call to find out!

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"After having had just a week to use the tools, it is really f***ing awesome. My husband and I were able to pivot 4/5 tough conversations into easier ones this week alone!"

Justyne B.

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