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Program Design Principles

Our programs and workshops are carefully crafted and tested to ensure maximum impact for participants. The goal is to establish a firm foundation of understanding that can be used long after participants have completed the course.

Experienced-Based Learning

Visual? Auditory? Kinesthetic? More like nonsense. The most recent studies on cognitive learning show that there is only one way we humans learn best - by doing. All of our programs are full of hands-on, experienced-based activities to make sure what is taught stays with you well after class.

Mindfully Created

Mindfulness is about cultivating a moment-to-moment awareness that permeates all areas of our life. It boosts a plethora of skills, from communication and collaboration, to emotional intelligence and empathy.

Scientifically Backed

We use the latest in neuroscience and learning sciences to make sure that our information sticks. We have taken into consideration how it is that humans learn best and constantly update our teaching methodology.

Meet the Teacher

In an increasingly fast-paced and complex world, Jonathan sees the need for a major shift in the way we communicate with one another. So, he founded Mindful Communication: a social enterprise focused on creating a more communicative and connected world. Mindful Communication brings together ancient mindfulness techniques, mindset coaching principles, and proven communication methodologies to deliver impactful programs that change the way individuals think about and practice communicating.

As a speaker, coach and trainer, Jonathan is dedicated to empowering others to communicate mindfully. He truly believes that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life, and communication is the main ingredient. Growing up, he was never taught to fully express himself or hear others in a way that fostered connection. He is now committed to sharing his passion for clear communication using his world-class training methodology.

“When we can fully express ourselves and hear what’s going on within others, we experience immense inner peace. This inner peace leads to outer peace, which leads to healthier relationships, stronger communities and ultimately makes the world a better place to live in.”

— Jonathan Miller


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