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Get this one-of-a-kind extensive training series to take on conflict in your life confidently, powerfully and with ease.

Does this seem familiar?

You wake up in the morning and feel dread about having to meet with your business partner. It has been more difficult than ever to work with them, and though the idea of parting ways seems messy, it looks like the only viable solution.

Your palms are sweating as you stare at your phone. It’s your client calling. It's time to renegotiate a new contract and you already know that you're going to give them whatever they want just to keep them happy.

You’ve been working with new vendors for the last few months and they simply haven’t held up their end of the bargain. Every time you try to bring it up, they brush it off and you find yourself backing down.

I always thought I was a pretty good communicator.

Sure, I would encounter conflict from time to time, but it was usually the other person that was being difficult, not me.

This deluded dream of mine lasted until my own relationship started to see trouble. My world came crashing down around me as I noticed more and more tough conversations not just at work, but at home too.

When I realized the root of my issues were miscommunications, I got to work. I learned, studied and practiced deliberately and systematically for years... and it worked! Not only did I experience more love in my own relationship, my friendships became deeper, my family ties improved, and of course my business relationships have never been stronger. I experienced a surge in confidence knowing I could handle any conversation I encountered.

It was clear to me that communication is the key to a thriving business and a fulfilling life. I knew that I needed to share what I had learned with anyone who was ready to take on their life and share the realization that, yes, communication skills are the single most important skill to master in your life.

Imagine what it could be like...

It took an entire hour, but the tough conversation you anticipated with your business partner was easier than you could have imagined. The feedback you gave was well received and what was shared with you was helpful and insightful. Thrilled with the exchange, you stand up next to your whiteboard to begin discussing plans for expansion.

You pick up the phone and hear the familiar voice of what used to be your most difficult client. Despite their lack of charm, you can tell how much they enjoy working with you. You ask them how you can help them. It turns out they're keen to exchange new ideas for how you can partner more closely together.

You step out of a meeting with your supplier feeling rejuvenated and recharged. What could have taken an entire afternoon took only 45 minutes. With a new win-win contract in hand, you decide to use the rest of your scheduled time to call up a friend and have a meaningful and connected conversation.

"I went through the Mindful Communication programs and they were an incredibly empowering experience for me. Aside from Jonathan's awesome coaching skills, he takes an "experiential learning" approach - meaning there are a lot of discussions, media, and hands-on activities to keep you engaged. Mindful Communication is truly "transformational" and what I learned I practice every day in both my personal and professional life."

James H.
National Sales Manager

"Jonathan has clearly followed his curiosity to acquire deep knowledge of effective communication in many different styles. His depth of knowledge allows him to simply articulate complex models and give great examples to help people deeply understand his content."

David A.
Director of Marketing

"The program gave me the tools to clearly express myself and understand my husband. As a result, itโ€™s increased my confidence in my ability to communicate effectively."

Hailey C.
Marketing Manager

"The communication program had an immediate impact on my life both professionally and personally. I'm able to better connect with what people are needing and feeling as my ability to practice compassion and empathy has grown immensely."

Elan M.
Business Consultant

"Jonathan's program has drastically changed the way I approach not just my intimate relationship, but all of my personal relationships. My hope is for many more people to take this program so that we can all communicate with each other in a more impactful way."

Arkady E.
Real Estate Agent

Communication is THE key skill for business and personal success

One's ability to handle conflict and build powerful, lasting partnerships is critical. As entrepreneurs, we know that without strong, genuine relationships, we won't go far in life. That's why masterful communication skills isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.

Whether you're pitching investors, at the negotiation table, selling to prospective clients, networking at an event, managing client expectations, expanding your business, setting boundaries, empowering employees, creating long-lasting friendships, or building a family... it is all done with communication.

Ready to master your communication skills?

Find out how you can start transforming your toughest conversations into long-lasting partnerships with power, confidence, and ease.

Get the FREE 4-part video training series on transforming ANY AND ALL conflicts in your life!

Get this one-of-a-kind extensive training series to take on conflict in your life confidently, powerfully and with ease.


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