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"I went through the Mindful Communication programs and they were an incredibly empowering experience for me. Aside from Jonathan's awesome coaching skills, he takes an "experiential learning" approach - meaning there are a lot of discussions, media, and hands-on activities to keep you engaged. Mindful Communication is truly "transformational" and what I learned I practice every day in both my personal and professional life."

James H.
National Sales Manager

"Jonathan has clearly followed his curiosity to acquire deep knowledge of effective communication in many different styles. His depth of knowledge allows him to simply articulate complex models and give great examples to help people deeply understand his content."

David A.
Director of Marketing

"The program gave me the tools to clearly express myself and understand my husband. As a result, itโ€™s increased my confidence in my ability to communicate effectively."

Hailey C.
Marketing Manager

"The communication program had an immediate impact on my life both professionally and personally. I'm able to better connect with what people are needing and feeling as my ability to practice compassion and empathy has grown immensely."

Elan M.
Business Consultant

"Jonathan's program has drastically changed the way I approach not just my intimate relationship, but all of my personal relationships. My hope is for many more people to take this program so that we can all communicate with each other in a more impactful way."

Arkady E.
Real Estate Agent

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